We understand that screen printing is a complex process, so we expect questions. Below is a list of the most common questions we receive.

What are your minimum order requirements?

If we are screen printing, we require 10-12 shirts minimum. If you just need a couple of shirts made, we may be able to heat-press your design. Contact us for more information on short runs.

What are the fees for the setup of my order?


We don't charge fees. No art fees, setup fees, screen fees...you get the picture. We believe in price per garment, so the price we quote you per shirt is the final price with no surprises!

What factors determine the pricing of my order?

The following factors determine the price:

  • Type of garment chosen - 100% cotton shirts are typically the cheapest and triblends or 100% polyester are typically the most expensive. Brands matter as well. American Apparel will always be more expensive than Gildan or Anvil.
  • Number of colors to be printed - For each color in your design, we must create a separate screen and register it on the press. There is also a chance that we may need to "flash" (heating the ink up so it dries on top) between prints, which adds time to the job.
  • Number of print locations on the garment - A print on front and back of a shirt would be 2 locations. Each location means another round on the press which requires more time and separate screens.
  • Quantity - Screen printing is built for large runs, so the more you order, the cheaper each garment becomes.

Which shirt should i go with?

This is completely subjective. It depends on budget, color, feel, etc. Each shirt and brand have different qualities. Our favorite shirt is the Bella + Canvas 3001. It's cost-effective, comes in many colors, is always in stock, and it feels fantastic! You may browse our online catalog to help you find the perfect item for you!

What type of design files do you accept?

Files for screen printing should be in a vector format. We prefer Adobe Illustrator or PDF files. We can also create a vector file from a JPEG.

Can I provide my own shirts for you to print on?

We can, and have, printed on customer provided shirts, but we do not recommend it. We will almost always be able to order shirts at a lower cost than you could purchase them for. On top of that, we cannot guarantee any of the shirts that are brought to us. Mistakes happen, so keep these things in mind.

How fast can you print my order?

We typically complete orders in 1 week after approval. If you need your order faster than that, there is a chance we can do it. Just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.